Each signature Wiseman House Collection comes with an assortment of our delicious handmade chocolate truffles.


Our dark chocolates:

Wild Woman- Two kinds of dark Belgian chocolate melded to perfection.  This is our most popular truffle and is a 58% confection.

Dark Rufus- Named for the original owner of the Wiseman House, artist and photographer Rufus Wiseman.  This is a medium dark chocolate truffle with fruity notes.

Dark Coconut Bon Bon- A classic with it's creamy coconut center and dark chocolate shell.

Gran Saman- This is our darkest truffle at 70% and is a combination of two of our favorite Venezuelan chocolates.

Seville Orange- A dark chocolate center with orange marmalade and brandy flavoring, wrapped in milk chocolate.

Snooky- An expert blend of coffee, kahlua, and dark chocolate, rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

Love Potion- A dark chocolate center infused with ancho, cinnamon, and chipotle, and covered in creamy milk chocolate.

Dark Raspberry- A perfect blend of dark chocolate and real raspberries.


Our Milk Chocolates:

Milk Rufus- Pure milk chocolate, swiss style, with Madagascar vanilla.

Southern Hospitality- Milk chocolate and Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey.

Texas Pecan- Made with locally grown pecans and Belgian milk chocolate.

Amaretto- A white chocolate center flavored with Italian Amaretto and covered in milk chocolate.

Irish Creme- Under the cover of milk chocolate is a white chocolate center with a touch of Irish whiskey mixed in.


Our White Chocolates:

Raspberry Champagne- White chocolate with real raspberries and dry champagne, dusted with powdered sugar.

Apricot Adeline- Named for Adeline Wiseman, this truffle is white chocolate mixed with apricots soaked in brandy.