Frequently Asked Questions

What is ganache?

Ganache is the term used for the smooth creamy center of a truffle. The center is a mixture of chocolate and fresh heavy cream and is sometimes enhanced with various natural flavors.

What is a chocolate truffle?

A chocolate truffle is traditionally a ganache center that has been rolled and then dipped in chocolate couverture to create an outer shell. The truffle can then be decorated to distinguish it from other truffles that may appear to be the same.

What is couverture?

Couverture chocolate is a high grade of chocolate used by chocolatiers to create chocolate truffles and confections.

How are your chocolates made?

Wiseman House Chocolates are made by blending fine chocolate and fresh heavy cream to create a rich chocolate ganache, which is allowed to set up overnight (other fresh ingredients are added to enhance flavor). Then, after the ganache has set up, it is cut into pieces, hand-rolled, then dipped in chocolate and decorated by hand. The result is what you see in each box of Wiseman House Chocolates.

Why do your chocolates have such a short shelf life?

Wiseman House Chocolates have a comparatively shorter shelf life than that of other chocolatiers because we use only natural and fresh ingredients in our chocolates.

How should I store my chocolates?

Your Wiseman House Chocolates should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight; preferably away from any strong smells (such as candles), as chocolate absorbs scents. It is not necessary to store them in the refrigerator. If you do refrigerate your chocolates, be sure they are in an airtight container to protect from condensation. 

What is the significance behind the names of your chocolates?

Over the years several of our chocolates have become famous for their unusual names and the interesting stories behind them: 

Dark Rufus is our signature dark chocolate named after the original builder and owner of the Wiseman House—artist Rufus Wiseman, who built the house over 100 years ago. 

Milk Rufus is our signature milk chocolate named after the original builder and owner of the Wiseman House—artist Rufus Wiseman, who built the house over 100 years ago. 

Snooky is a dark chocolate truffle with a subtle coffee flavor named after the nickname that our owner and chocolatier Kevin Wenzel uses for his wife LaDonne (who loves coffee). 

Wild Woman is one of our most popular dark chocolate truffles named by long-time Wiseman House employee, Ms. Eldelee Mitchell, replacing the previous name “Who Needs a Man.” 

Apricot Adeline is a white chocolate truffle named after Adeline Wiseman, wife of Rufus Wiseman (see above). The name is fitting as many old houses in the central Texas area, like the Wiseman House, had apricot trees in the yard.

Where in the world is Hico, Texas?

Hico, Texas is located on the cusp of the Texas Hill Country, about an hour and a half southwest of Fort Worth, Texas and two hours north of Austin, Texas. If you look on a map, you can find us at the intersection of Highway 6 and Highway 281. 

Are your chocolates offered at any other retail stores?

Yes, though we are very picky about who we will let carry our chocolates.

Do you ship international orders?

Currently we do not ship international orders, though many of our chocolates have been carried home by our international customers. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

Our online and retail stores accept payment with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. 

Should I be concerned about privacy or security when ordering from you online store?

Absolutely not. We care about protecting your privacy and take every step necessary to guarantee your online security.